Hotel Headboards

Hotel Furniture

Forest Contract offers a wide range of hotel headboards to fit your pre-existing bed bases. The inclusion of one of these hotel headboards, upholstered in one of our many fabrics, can instantly update a room adding a touch of elegance to the room. Wall mounted hotel headboards can be bespoke manufactured to suit the specific requirements of each room, ideal when space is a premium or the room is let as both a twin and a double.

You can choose from a variety of both traditional and contemporary hotel headboards depending on the style of your hotel. A traditional, buttoned headboard in a classic neutral colour can bring elegance and perhaps femininity to a room whilst a contemporary plain square hotel headboard in a bright purple shade can bring youth to a room and make a statement. Your hotel headboard can be minimalistic in plain white cotton allowing it to be suitable for all guests and giving a clean and sleek appearance, the choice is yours.