Outdoor Table Bases

Outdoor Furniture

If you are creating a beautiful outdoor drinking and dining space at your venue, you may want to consider looking at our range of outdoor table bases. We offer a wide range of materials for our outdoor table bases including iron, wood and metal. These can help when creating a theme for your venue. If you are looking to create a traditional or vintage theme throughout your venue you may want to consider one of our iron bistro outdoor table bases or if you would like something a little more modern, maybe you would prefer a stainless steel outdoor table base to give a sleek look to your venue.

All of our outdoor table bases are manufactured in the UK by expert craftsmen with years of experience. All of the materials used are sourced from British suppliers and are of the highest quality to ensure that we provide you with a durable and long lasting outdoor table base which can withstand weather conditions and the regular high traffic use of your establishment.