Outdoor Tables

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor tables can make all the difference and here at Forest Contract we understand that having an outdoor seating area can be an added bonus to many venues. Our wide range of outdoor chairs and outdoor table tops, can be complimented with a matching outdoor table. Available in a wide range of varying shapes and sizes, an outdoor table can be floor fixed or light weight and easily movable. Contract quality outdoor tables, durable enough to withstand the best and worst of the UK weather, and robust, to last regular high volume use, that can be expected in any commercial venue.

Depending on the size of your venues outdoor area you may want to consider using various outdoor table sizes to accommodate different group sizes, we have a wide range of different shapes and sizes for our outdoor tables, built to accommodate both small and large groups of people. These can be made in any of the materials we offer including wood, weather proof pu or plastic and metal.