Toro 2 seater

Toro Buttoned 2 Seater


  • • Buttoned 2 seater tub chair

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    Upholstered, Tub, Lounge, Tub Chair, Lounge Chair







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  • Our tub chairs arrive to you via our specialist furniture courier on a mile rate from our factory, direct to your venue. Other delivery options are available upon request.

Product Description

Toro Buttoned 2 Seater

The sleek Toro Buttoned 2 Seater is a modern addition to your venue. Make it your own by choosing a fabric and finish to match your venue.

The Toro Buttoned Chair is a great way of adding style to any commercial establishment, with its large curved back and distinctive buttoned finish. Customers can choose to have this chair manufactured in one of our many fabrics or leathers. We have a huge variety in both ranges. But, if that’s not enough customers can provide their own material to upholster. The wooden frame for this product can be sprayed in a variety of different finishes. Choosing this option gives you a great amount of customisation, ideal for when updating your hotel furniture. We can even colour match the frame to fit with your existing decor.

Toro Buttoned 2 Seater – Finishes

We manufacture all of our tub chairs in our purpose built factories. In addition, each product comes with a wide variety of different finishes to choose from. Furthermore, our upholstery options include both leather and fabric variants. Such variants are verified for a high number of rub counts, which are the industry standard measurement.  Rub counts are used to ensure your fabric can live up to the demands of commercial wear. Additionally, all of our upholstered products are CRIB5 certified. CRIB5 certification refers to the durability and fire regulations that deem a product suitable for commercial use.

If you would like more information on this upholstered tub chair or the other services that we offer, feel free to call on 0161 737 6918