The first step to choosing your table is the top shape. There are four options; square/rectangle, round/double end, radiused corners and your very own bespoke shape. The shape chosen will impact how many people can be seating at your table within a certain space, and depending on the design of your room, different options will provide more convenience than others. See below for our various table shape options.


Recommended Table Shape Options


If you keep the width of your rectangular tops, the same as the width of your square tops, this might be useful in the future if you needed to join them together to create a bigger table, which would accommodate a larger party. You might also want to consider that this works best with a square edged table.

As demonstrated below, the difference between bar/casual dining and formal dining will massively influence your final table size and shape decision. For example, a rectangle table seating four people for casual dining should measure 1200mm x 700mm. Whereas a similar table seating four people for formal dining should measure around 1200mm x 750mm. This extra 50mm in width allows for a slightly more specious and relaxed dining experience.


Recommended Seating for Bar/Casual Dining Options



Recommended Seating for Formal Dining


We hope you found the above information useful. If you would like to know more, please ring one of our sales advisers on 0161 737 6918.