Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

With temperatures set to rise for the foreseeable future and the UEFA Euro 2016 games well under way, millions of us will be enjoying the gorgeous weather that is due this year. Preparing your outdoor space for the summer can provide a fantastic return on your investment, taking advantage of space that you may not have been using otherwise. This Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide will give you our 5 top tips for purchasing your new outdoor furniture.

Making your desired space inviting to customers is also vital towards gaining their custom, finding a balance between space and comfort. Forest Contract sells a wide range of outdoor furniture in a variety of materials for you to choose from, ranging from Aluminium and Plastic to Teak & Rattan. Forest Contract also supplies a great range of different seating options, from tables and chairs to barstools and useful accessories, all of which are designed to be hard-wearing and last for several years, providing you with a good return on investment.

Outdoor Space

One thing to bear in mind when purchasing outdoor furniture is that during these scorching hot summer months, people will think not on their feet, but with them. Having enough space for your customers to sit is vital in summer, when people will attend a venue with their families and large groups of friends. Not having somewhere for your patrons to sit may mean they will look elsewhere.

Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide
Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

Outdoor Styling

You may be tempted to bulk order a variety of outdoor furniture to quickly take advantage of the hot weather, but not matching the standards of your outdoor furniture with your existing furniture may not be a wise choice.

Many people will choose a new venue purely for its outdoor offerings, and having a great range of outdoor furniture and a well maintained beer garden may very well entice them to come back and enjoy what the pub has to offer inside, at a later date.
Your outdoor seating area may not be used all year round, but will be seen and used for years to come and can even be used for themes and events throughout the year, providing a good return on your investment.

Outdoor Storage

If you use the outdoor area at your venue for other reasons outside the summer months, it may be wise considering foldable or stackable furniture, which can be put away during the winter months when you are not using it. All the furniture provided on our Outdoor Furniture page is designed to be used outside, and most of this is designed to be used all year round. However, if you decide to opt for some of our Teak model furniture, storage options for this furniture may be advisable in order to keep your furniture looking it’s best.

Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide
Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

Outdoor Accessories

Once you have decided on your furniture options, what colours you are going for and how many chairs and tables you require, it might be worth thinking about accessories. Accessories can make or break a seating area, and having the right accessories can help draw in the punters. If you are an up-market eatery and would like to provide the same experience outdoor that you do inside, then having the right accessories to create that perfect atmosphere can be key.

Think candles, table cloths and seat cushions. Just because the weather is scorching during the day, doesn’t mean the temperature won’t drop during the evening, outdoor heating solutions can be an effective way of keeping your patrons occupied and willing to stay for longer, not to mention wanting to return.