Interior Design Tips & Advice


Interior Design Tips & Advice

The interior design process of your new venue is arguably the most important part of opening your new business and is integral to its success. The design aspect of your restaurant or bar interior is responsible for your venue layout; theme; furniture; flow; and mood must portray the same amount of character as the outside of your venue if not more. Your design can be the key factor in achieving an efficient working space for your staff, increase your turnaround and play a large part in keeping your customers frequently returning.

As a respected furniture manufacturer and with an experienced interior design team in house, our clients regularly ask questions such as ‘How many tables can I fit in a certain area?’ & ‘What fabrics should I choose for my chairs? In this short guide will shall attempt to answer some of those questions to help you understand how to make the most out of your chosen seating area. With a wealth of knowledge at hand, having designed a variety of different venues up and down the country, Forest Contract knows that the interior design process of a venue can differ greatly from one venue to the next. The furniture of a venue, as well as the layout are two of the most important things to consider when designing your venue, with each one contributing to the success of the venue in a different manour.

The layout of your venue is the first thing you must consider, and controls how well your staff can operate, and how comfortable your guests will feel whilst enjoying their meal or drinks. Set customer experience as your number one priority, focusing your attention on atmosphere and attention to detail as well as keeping in mind that less is more when purchasing your seating – Overcrowding your seating area can prove to be less profitable in the long run, if your guests find the experience crowded and overwhelming they might not return at a later date.

Furniture Arrangement

Greeting areas are an important aspect of your interior design process. Place this area close to the front door, but leave room for people entering and leaving the restaurant. Placing the area close to the bar can give guests a place to sit and relax on busier nights when they have to wait for table spaces. If your restaurant is prone to having larger groups, make sure you bare this in mind so your restaurant doesn’t feel overcrowded.

banquette seating in a restaurant banquette seating in a restaurant


Often overlooked, lighting can play a huge part in your venue and can often be very cheap to implement. The main reason most venue add lighting to their venue is to create an atmosphere that is pleasant. Lighting can add a sense of sophistication and glamour to your venue and can be used to light up key areas such as the bar area, or create cosy enclaves that may be preferable to couples.

banquette seating in a restaurant banquette seating in a restaurant

Distance & Flow

The distance between your tables is very important and as a rule of thumb should roughly be around 45-50cm giving enough space for people to manoeuvre past comfortably. Finer dining experiences should have this space extended slightly.

The ‘Flow’ of a restaurant must be considered carefully and relates to the distance and layout of your furniture. The Flow is how smoothly the restaurant runs for both the staff and the customers, provides the customers with a well maintained and atmospheric area to sit, whilst giving your staff a layout that is hassle free to manoeuvre. A fast and professional service requires an efficient flow pattern. The flow of your business can differ greatly depending on the type of business you’re running. If you are running a fast food chain or café, your ‘flow’ may be laid out for speed with straight lines, keep paths clear and distances short.

banquette seating in a restaurant


Seating will play a large part in your design process; it will be the most expensive area within your interior design process and something that should not be rushed. As furniture manufacturers Forest Contract can supply a varied and diverse range of furniture, and can even work alongside you to produce bespoke furniture that can enhance the look and feel of your venue.

Browse through our great selection of leather and fabrics, all produced to be hard wearing and meet all industry standard regulations, or perhaps view our wide selection of interior and exterior armchairs, side chairs, fixed seating and bar stools. If you require further information on the services or products we offer, please ring a member of our sales staff on 0161 737 6918 – who will be more than happy to help with any query you may have.

banquette seating in a restaurant banquette seating in a restaurant