Rioja Ulverston

Design Service, Rioja

Rioja Tapas and Wine Bar

Forest Contract recently worked with Rioja Spanish restaurant and wine bar in Ulverston. Rioja offers a wide range of food and drink, including Spanish food and Tapas, wine, and cocktails.  This was a big project, which truly transformed the entire venue. We supplied a huge range of products and services, with everything from an interior design service and wallpaper to banquette seating being provided.

Design Service

Before work could begin, our interior design team did a site visit to meet our client and view the venue. This helped us to measure everything, as well as get a real idea about our client’s desired style for the restaurant. From there, our interior design team could begin creating mood boards and finding inspiration for the new décor. Multiple mood boards were made, and sent to the client for their thoughts. As this was a full project, ideas for wallpapers, banquette seating and chairs were all collated into the mood boards.

Huge areas of the restaurant were refurbished, such as the first floor, restaurant, vault and the wine bar and seating areas. Over 40 tables and 100 chairs and stools of varying models were supplied, as well as wallpaper and banquette seating.

Design Service mood board

The chairs provided included 40 of our Manor Buttoned Side Chairs, upholstered in a luxurious Lustro Moonlight crushed velvet, and Mousse coloured Infiniti Faux. These two fabrics complement each other well, with the beige faux being hard wearing yet comfortable, and the similarly coloured velvet adding a classy touch with its distinctive pattern. These were placed on the first floor, while the restaurant area was mainly occupied by 31 of our Colchester Side Chairs and Arm Chairs. 23 of these were upholstered in the same combination of fabrics as the Manor chairs, but 8 of these were upholstered in a mix of Skopos Ecuador Cranberry fabric, and Chieftain Rosso faux leather. These stand out in their own area courtesy of the interior design service, with both fabrics being a deep red colour. This area was then finished off by adding the bespoke sized tables and a Magda Bar Stool and Arm Chair, both finished in the faux leather and crushed velvet style.

The building in which Rioja is now based is a stunning 19th Century building, and was occupied by a bank before it became a restaurant. Because of this, the building has a vault style room, which Rioja capitalised on and turned it into a new area for their restaurant. This was then fitted with a bespoke solid ash table top, measuring 1.9m x 2m and finished in our wood stain 313, to give a deep, natural look to the table. An 8 metre piece of buttoned back banquette seating was then added, upholstered in Borneo 6217 faux leather, which is a light brown to match the colour scheme in this area. The kickboards were also finished in our wood stain 313 to match the table top. A stylish picture was also provided, featuring a horse with wings, and the look was completed with the wallpaper. The wallpaper was Tektura Heritage Wood, and is a deeply textured, realistic wood wall covering which accentuates the wooden theme proposed during the design service.

Moving onto the wine bar, this area required a lot of furniture-starting with the bar stools for around the bar area. 20 of our Manor Plain Bar Stools were supplied, half of which were upholstered in Infiniti Espresso faux and the other half were mostly upholstered in this, and with the outside back of the chairs being upholstered in Skopos Palais Bronze- a unique zig-zag patterned fabric. Then, in the bigger wine bar seating area, we fitted 3 Buttoned Back Banquette seating pieces, upholstered in Chieftain Battleship faux leather. Accompanying this were 3 Faux Leather Magda Arm Chairs and 7 Magda Bar Stools and a large selection of laminate table tops and Samson Poseur table bases.

Overall, this was a great project to work on and watching this old building come to life in the form of a new restaurant was great to see. If you are in need of a design service to help rejuvenate your venue, don’t hesitate to contact us to see what we can offer.