Ludus Bar

In 2011 when the opportunity arose to acquire a prime spot in the Bold Street area of Liverpool, the team behind Ludas bar simply couldn’t resist.

The renovation, which was well concealed behind blackened windows, offered little of what lay in wait other than a sign proclaiming ‘Sports Bar Coming Soon’. Ludas however was so very much more than a sports bar!

When unveiled on the 10th December 2011, the gleaming new bar was nothing short of spectacular. A glossy, chic decor of chandeliers, luxury velvets, black and white floor, cool lamps and glistening TV screens in the walls.

Inviting, cosy, chic, impeccable, friendly service and five star food. The use of heavy velvets, a range of textures and colours, and exclusive bespoke furniture helped create the ambience that was regarded by many as “Liverpool’s best kept secret”.

Ludas couldn’t be kept a secret for long, and in February 2012 Liverpool Lifestyle Awards, were sponsored by Ludus Cafe Bar, and delivered a raucous night celebrating the best that Liverpool has to offer. Those in attendance were not disappointed!