Crab & Cow


Home of fresh fish, seafood & locally sourced meat.


Dating back to the 18th Century, the lovely ‘Crab & Cow’ restaurant is set within the beautiful village of Leire, in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside. The Crab and Cow was founded in 2015 and the proprietors were looking for a fantastic range of furniture to complement their new venue.


When Forest Contract was first approached in 2014 with plans for the ‘Crab & Cow’ opening in 2015, the owners of the business had reservations of the restaurant being open on schedule. Being a UK based commercial furniture manufacturer provides Forest Contract with the ability of a fast turnaround on our items, and also gives us a lot of flexibility during the production process.


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Crab & Cow

Leire, Leicestershire

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Forest Contract also has access to a wide range of upholstery designs, with a large collection of fabrics & materials, and the ability to source other materials from a range of mills throughout the country. Customers can also request their own fabric to be used on their furniture, providing it has been approved for commercial use.

With a large venue to fill, the production process was quickly underway, with the proprietors of the Crab & Cow waiting eagerly to see their new furniture placed within its new home. The bulk of the seating was made up of 55  ‘Manor Side Chairs’ in a mix of both ‘Indigo’ and ‘Zinc’ as well as our ‘Mellor Bar stools’, 50mm Veneer tops and ‘Banquet Seating’ completing the look. The dark blue Manor Side chairs and fixed seating go marvelously with the dark stone floor, and is all brought to life with the light brown table tops and wooden chair legs.

As a UK manufacturer, Forest Contract can make custom and bespoke changes to your furniture, including colour matching our furniture wood stains with existing furniture in your venue. On this particular venue Forest Contract stain matched the wooden legs to match the existing bar tops, as well as stain matching the wooden kicker boards of the banquette seating to match the fabric colour.